Gold Tester


Gold Tester

See Tungsten inside Gold



Key Features:

  • Locates and illuminates tungsten inside of gold and silver bullion, bars and nuggets
  • Scans both unclad and clad coins without removing the protective plastic sheath
  • Simple and fool-proof to operate
  • Ultra Light weight and portable – the size and thickness of a credit card
  • Patented sensitive magnetic susceptibility lens detects disturbances in the magnetic force
  • Does not require batteries


The Gold Lock Bullion & Coin Tester (Patent #9,934,639) is a low-cost portable tungsten illuminator that is small enough to fit in a pocket and does not require batteries.  This test apparatus is designed to detect tungsten inside gold and silver objects.  Tungsten (19.25 grams/cc) is nearly the same density/weight of gold (19.3 grams/cc) and is the ideal material for counterfeiting gold and silver objects due to its relatively low cost ($4/ounce) and nearly identical density/weight.

Our most popular Tester.  Recommended for almost all investors unless they deal solely in unclad coins.


  • Free Shipping in the USA
  • 30 Day Warranty
  • 1 – Magnetic Activator
  • 1 – Test Bar
  • 1 – Protective Envelope

How to Use

How to use

Place the Tester on top of the bar/coin/nugget.  Move the magnetic activator in small circles close to the Tester.  Magnetic anomalies will be illuminated by a visible distortion in the green aurora of the Tester lens; this indicates a foreign body in the gold or silver.

Download Detailed Instructions


  • Hollow Coin and Test Samples
  • Pelican 1010 Carrying Case
  • Tester Cleaning Kit
  • Magnetic Activator
  • Carrying Pouch